TLI Software provides you with off-the-shelf software products that can be customized according to your requirements. Our software products have been developed by our highly skilled software engineers and come in attractive licensing and support options. If you are a small to medium sized company, look around our products and see how they can add value to your business.



Configurable Content Management System
e-cms is a Web-based configurable content management system that lets you manage your content online. This product is available in two versions--the basic and the interactive.



Web based, Configurable E-Commerce Product
e-Store is a Web-based, configurable E-Commerce product that lets you set up your shop online. This product comes in three Packages-Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Docket System

Track Productivity Across Employees, Projects and Activities
The Docket System is an application for tracking time spent by each developer in short time, to gain substantial insight into the productivity of individual employees increase measurable billable hours.



Chat support system!


Online and Mobile Dating 

Enriching Dating Experience
Enriching online and mobile dating experience! Welcome to the world of private labeled online dating!
Welcome to Datopia!